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Log cabin holidays in Finland

For you who plan log cabin holidays in Finland we want to present the Rock and Lake log cabins by Lake Soukkio. These log cabins are situated in mainly pine heath terrain on the west shore of the lake, ensuring plenty of sun for the cabin gardens, beaches and terraces, and views over the sunsets. The clean waters of the lake are rich in fish, mainly pike, perch and bream. You can start fishing already from your private jetty or row out with the boat that is part of the log cabin’s equipment. Lake Soukkio is a very good lake for spinning and fly-fishing for pike.

All the beaches of the log cabins by Lake Soukkio are well suited for children, gently sloping with a firm and sandy floor (most with natural sand). Each cabin offers tranquility and privacy, since the nearest neighbor is a fair distance (over 100 m) away and noisy power boats are not welcome on this lake. So during your log cabin holidays in Finland you can enjoy the soft and relaxing sounds of nature, such as wind quietly humming in the trees, the lapping of the waves and birds’ concerts. The birdlife is rich by this lake, and during summer time you can, for instance, listen to the magnificent song of Black-throated Divers and Whooper Swans. In the surrounding forests there are also capercaillie and many species of owls.

Natural forests, that are also ideal for picking mushrooms and berries, surround the log cabin gardens. By many cabins, you do not need to go further than to the garden to find chanterelle and porcini mushrooms or blueberries. Besides enjoying the bounty of the forest, the forests around the lake are also suitable for independent nature exploration and exercise since most of the terrain is easy accessible and there are many excellent roads and paths in the forest for hiking and biking, all year round. The unique law of Everyman’s Rights enables versatile possibilities to move in the Finnish nature, both in forest and on lakes.

As a guest at one of the log cabins by Lake Soukkio you can borrow life jackets and bikes from a storage by the check-in place. The idea is that it is free to use these life jackets and bikes during your stay, but you have to pick them up yourself and return them before departure. Please agree a suitable time for borrowing when you at arrival pick up the key to your log cabin. No reservations can be done, but there is a good amount of life jackets and bikes. We hope that everybody borrows just those jackets and bikes they need and use, and return them when one does not need them, but latest the morning of departure. Thank you!

In wintertime you can also walk, ski or go with a traditional Finnish kick-sled on the ice of the lake. The ski trails and skating trails are for free use for guests of Rock and Lake’s rental cabins and a kick-sled can be borrowed from the check-in place (Taipaleentie 60, Luusniemi). If you during your winter log cabin holidays want to enjoy a special Nordic winter experience, then you book a husky safari, which take place near the log cabins of Lake Soukkio. Four of the six log cabins by Lake Soukkio are fit for winter habitation. These are Villa Soukkio, Villa Lempi, Kiviniemi and Tiilikka. They are warm and cozy as such, but the fireplaces add that something extra to your cottage life experience. The fire wood is included in the rent price, so also a Christmas tree during Christmas time. At arrival the spruce is waiting for you in the living room of the cabin and you can decorate it with the traditional Finnish Christmas decoration.

If you didn’t find a suitable log cabin for rent on this page, please see our other high-quality cottages in Finland.

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