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Things to do in Finland in winter

things to do in winter finland
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Things to do in Finland in winter

Finland is a country of snow and the best time to visit winter wonderland is snowy period from December through March. Winter holiday suits for everyone: if you feel you just want to have peaceful and calm holiday, you can spend time outdoors by admiring magical snowy nature, walk in the forest and try for example lantern walk and maybe even hear the sounds of owls in the forest.

Maybe a bit more active holiday? Yes, we will offer the options for you! The most usual winter activities Finns do are cross-country skiing, ice-skating and ice fishing. No need to travel up to the northest part of Finland, all activities are closer. Lake Finland and beautiful nature of it is something to experience.

To ski and ice-skate you don´t need to be sporty and trained. These activities are fun and easy to learn even for kids and you will have great time by learning to do them. Try also dog sledding, a husky safari, and meet the kind blue eyed husky dogs. You will fall in love with them and the joy they have by offering you a speedy and enjoyable safari.

Biking is something you can do in winter too. Fat biking in the snow challenges you for a totally new way of biking! When you feel it´s time to move your legs, kick sledding is good for that. Not too heavy but fun and nice way to move from a place to another. If you want to have a lifetime experience, we suggest ice-swimming. Combination of hot and cold, sauna and dip into freezing water makes you a totally new person.

husky safaris in finland
Dog sledding in Finland: fall in love with the blue eyed huskies and the speedy safari with them.

Dog sledding

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kicksledding winter finland
Kicksledding is easy way to enjoy outdoors, just like ice-skating or lantern walk. These activities are something what kids really love and can do together with you.

Kick sledding

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biking finland winter
Biking is something you can do also in winter with fat bike. Compared to normal bike, fat bike is an off-road bicycle with oversized tires.

Fat bike

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ice swimming finland
Winter, sauna and ice swimming is a combination of awesome experience you will remember. Ice swimming is one of the popular things to add on your personal bucket list like many people do.

Ice swimming

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ice skating finland
Ice-skating is a traditional winter activity in Finland. Try it on the lake ice and enjoy outdoors. It is easy and fun to learn and at the same time you will get nice dosage of fresh air.

Ice skating

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cross country holiday finland
Cross-country skiing is easy to learn winter activity. It´s suitable for kids and adults and makes moving in the nature, on lake and forest, great option for walking.

Cross-country skiing

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