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Booking terms and conditions of the Rock and Lake network

1.0 Scope of application

These terms and conditions are applied to the agreement between the Customer and a company in the Rock and Lake network regarding accommodation, programme service products and/or other services.

Kakkaramäki Oy maintains the online shop of the Rock and Lake network focusing on marketing and sales, through which the Customer books the product. Rock and Lake is a network of companies, and all the companies in the network shall follow the booking terms and conditions shown hereunder. Personal data is handled according to GDPR requirements.

2.0 Creation of an agreement

Persons must be of age to make bookings in the online shop. The agreement is created between the Customer and the Company and these terms and conditions become binding for both parties when the Customer has made a booking in the online shop or by e-mail or telephone and has received a booking confirmation. The Customer receives the booking confirmation at the e-mail address he/she has provided.

3.0 Terms and method of payment

Accommodation and service products can be booked in the online shop and are paid during booking. If the booking is made more than 4 months before the start date of the booking, the Customer is charged 35% of the total price. The rest of the price, 65%, is payable 2 months before the start date of the booking. The Customer will be contacted per email approximated 2,5 months before the start date of the booking for query about the payment method. If the booking is made less than 4 months beforehand, the Customer is charged the total booking price during booking.

Payment using bank links

Payment service provider

Paytrail Oyj (2122839-7) acts as an implementer of the payment handling service and as a Payment Service Provider. Paytrail Oyj will be shown as the recipient in the invoice and Paytrail Oyj will forward the payment to the merchant.
Paytrail Oyj is an authorized Payment Institution. For reclamations, please contact the website you made your payment to.

Paytrail Oyj, business ID 2122839-7
Innova 2
Lutakonaukio 7
40100 Jyväskylä
Phone: +358 207 181830


Paytrail Oyj (FI2122839) provides netbank related payment transfer services in co-operation with Finnish banks and credit institutions. For consumer the service works exactly the same way as traditional web payments.

Payment by invoice

Payment can be made by invoice. If you prefer this payment method, please make your booking by e-mail or in phone, and tell to which e-mail address you want the invoice to be sent. The invoice will be sent to you as a pdf-attachment.

Payment of customised products

The terms of payment of customised products are specified in the quotation.

4.0 Cancellations

Cancellation must always be done in writing or by e-mail at the address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Neglecting to pay is not a valid cancellation!

If the Customer cancels a booking:
- No later than 4 months before the start date of the booking, the Customer will be refunded the price paid, less a service charge of €150.

- If the cancellation is done later and it has not been possible to sell the booked item to another client, the Customer will be charged for the total price of the booking.

- If it has been possible to sell the booked item to another client, the Customer will be refunded the price paid, less a service charge of €150.

We recommend purchasing a travel insurance policy that also covers cancellation costs.

5.0 The Company’s right to cancel the agreement

The Company has the right to cancel the agreement or stop providing the service in case of force majeure, such as a fire, natural disaster, actions by authorities, strike or another comparable unforeseeable event beyond the Company’s control, which prevents or substantially impedes the provision of the service. If the agreement is cancelled, the Customer shall be refunded the total price paid or, if the provision of the service is interrupted, a sum corresponding to the service that has not yet been provided.

The Company shall notify the Customer immediately of any obstacles that make it impossible to provide the service.

The Company also has the right to cancel the agreement with immediate effect if the Customer causes a disturbance or danger to other clients in the area or to himself/herself. All the costs incurred due to the disturbance shall be charged to the Customer.

 6.0 Stay at the holiday home

The holiday home shall be available to the Customer from 4 pm on the arrival date until 12 noon on the departure date, unless specified otherwise in the holiday home description or the driving instructions.

The instructions regarding key assignment are given to the Customer along with the driving instructions. The rent of the holiday home includes the free use of the holiday home for the stated maximum number of guests. Exceeding the number of guests must always be agreed separately! The equipment of the holiday home is specified in the holiday home description on the Company website.

Smoking indoors is not allowed.

Bringing pets into the holiday home must always be agreed separately with the vendor.

Any services that are provided outdoors are dependent on weather conditions. Customers must come equipped with weather-appropriate clothing and follow the instructions provided beforehand by the service provider regarding clothing and/or equipment. If the weather conditions on the agreed date of the service are dangerous or extremely difficult, such as a thunderstorm, storm or extremely cold temperature, the service provider has the right to postpone the date of the service or suggest a substitute product. If the Customer does not accept the postponement or substitute service, the price will not be refunded.

7.0 Customer’s liability and compensation for damage

The Customer must uphold a normal level of cleanliness in the rented holiday home and take good care of the movable property of the holiday home. The Customer must follow all the instructions, warnings and rules in the “Electronic cabin folder” or otherwise provided by the Company regarding the use of the service, and use appropriate safety equipment in accordance with the instructions.

The Customer is liable for any damage he/she or an underage person under his/her supervision causes, either on purpose or through negligence, to the Company or to a third party.

The final cleaning is not automatically included in the price for the accommodation; rather, the Customer must make sure that the holiday home is sufficiently clean at the end of the stay. The holiday home must be left in the same shape that it was in before the Customer’s arrival.

Final cleaning is included in the rent of some holiday homes – the Customer is informed of this separately in the booking confirmation. The Customer is charged the cost for any special cleaning and any damage caused.

The Customer is responsible for his/her own insurance cover and its coverage regarding accidents and cancellations, for example. If the Customer does not use all the agreed services or only uses part of the services, this does not entitle the Customer to a discount or refund.

8.0 Notification and complaints

The Customer must immediately notify the Company or its representative of any shortcomings so that they can be corrected even as the service is being used. The telephone number for complaints can be found in the “Electronic cabin folder” and in the booking confirmation.

If the shortcomings have not been corrected during the rental period/service, claims for compensation must be submitted to the Company or agent no later than 30 days after the end of the rental period. The contact information can be found in the booking confirmation.

9.0 Cookie policy website uses cookies for online booking purposes to cache shopping cart items for certain amount of time. Cookies are also used for marketing & remarketing purposes and for improving our online experience for our clients.

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