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Rock and Lake

Christmas in Finland

christmas in finland

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Christmas in Finland 2019

Christmas in Finland is snowy and peaceful landscapes, magic of the Kaamos –time and cozy, warm and well-equipped cottages and villas. Kaamos is the Finnish word for the Nordic wintertime with its very short days. Typical Finnish winter weather is great for outdoors: walking in snowy forests and forest roads, enjoying husky safaris and snow mobile rides, skiing and skating. The temperatures are not too cold for outdoors and the air is fresh. One thing which also keep amazing people that not live in the Finnish countryside is the relaxing silence and the sky filled with bright stars.

Rock and Lake’s team welcome you and your family to enjoy a Christmas in Finland, the land of Father Christmas, or Santa Claus as he also is called. Here you find the real winter magic you have read about in fairy tales. You can play in snow, walk in a white winter wonderland, pet reindeer and enjoy a Husky safari. If you stay a some of the log cabins by Lake Soukkio you can also rent a snowmobile or a Finnish hot tub. In wintertime you can also see Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) here in Finnish Lakeland.

Christmas in Finland is, besides snowy landscapes and great outdoors, also relaxing in sauna and lots of traditional Christmas food. Every Rock and Lake cabin and villa has a well-equipped kitchen and private sauna. In the Finnish groceries you find typical Finnish Christmas food to buy and prepare ready in your holiday home’s kitchen. Of course you can also prepare the menus based on your country’s Christmas traditions.

christmas in finland
Kivipuro is a typical Finnish log home made with hand-carved logs. It is suited for a restful holiday with a large family or group of friends.

1098 euro per week Kivipuro 4+4

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christmas villa for rent finland
This luxurious cottage, which was completed in June 2013, is situated in a beautiful location with wonderful lake views.

1870 euro per week Villa Lempi 9+2

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christmas holiday in finland
Traditional characteristics of the cottage include a wood-heated sauna, a private beach and a lot of silence. And no neighbours in sight!

480 euro per week Munaniemi 2+2

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christmas in finland cabins
The cottage, built in 2005, is located on a slope and its windows and large terrace show a dazzlingly beautiful lake landscape of the open Viikarinlahti bay.

980 euro per week Viikarinkeidas 4+2

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christmas holiday in finland
Jänisniemi is a great choice for lakeside holiday in Finland, all year round.

1085 euro per week Jänisniemi 4+4

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christmas in finland
Villa Soukkio offers stunning surroundings that satisfy even the most demanding holidaymaker. Both the cottage and its large outdoor kitchen are situated elegantly beneath the pine trees right at the lakeshore.

1870 euro per week Villa Soukkio 9+2

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christmas in finland
The Tiilikka holiday home comprises a main cottage, beach sauna and barbecue hut. They are situated on a hectare of land on the tip of Tiilikka Island.

1203 euro per week Tiilikka 6+2

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husky safaris in finland
A husky safari is a great way to enjoy the Finnish winter wonderland! It is fun for everyone: kids, adults and the huskies themselves.

Husky safaris

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