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Things to do in Finland in winter

things to do in winter finland
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Ice swimming in Finland

Combination of extremes like hot and cold, sauna and ice swimming, is said to be very healthy. But why on earth to go to swim in freezing cold water after warmth of sauna? The feeling you will get is euphoric. It´s something which is not easy to explain by words, you just need to experience it. It´s said that ice swimming provides you with a better resistance to cold weather improves immune system and helps to breathe and sleep better and releases all the stress. Because of all these effects many people even get addicted to ice swimming in Finland.

Ice swimming is more like a dip into water or moving a short distance in the cold water. If your condition is normal and you don´t have any problems with heart, blood pressure or else, ice swimming is safe. If any doubts or identified healthy problems, ice swimming is not recommended without doctor´s opinion.

Ice swimming is perfect activity together with friends or the other people who dare to do it. There are some preparations if you want to ice swim in “avanto”, in the hole made in the ice. All starts with digging a hole in the ice first. Rock and Lake log cabins by Lake Soukkio prices include ice equipment: ice drill, ice saw and a pump that forces the water to circulate under the hole, preventing ice from forming. If you prefer just swimming without any preparation, please contact our sales This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we dig the hole in the ice for you.

ice swimming finland

Combine ice swimming with sauna after outdoor activity day by ice-skating or enjoyable dog sledding, a husky safari. The feeling is something indescribable, experience you want to have again. You can also rent a hot tub which we deliver to the cabin. Warm water in the tub after ice swimming, open sky and bathing outside, make the experience even more enjoyable. Tub is for 6 persons. You can add a tub together with your cabin booking as an option on our web shop or by sending email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. See the price of the rent on our web shop.

ice swimming finland

Ice swimming facts

- Suitable for a person without any health problems
- During the moving from sauna to the ice hole, wool socks or special ice swimming shoes are recommended and a cap, as well
- After sauna, spend a little time outside before going into water and let your body get to use to temperature change
- Breathe and enjoy! This s an experience you will be proud of
- Water temperature is close to zero degrees (Celsius)
- Recommended time to spend in water: for the beginners only for a couple of seconds
- We also recommend there is always another person near while you´re on the water
- Swimming in the cold water and alcohol are not friends – swim or dip into the water first and then enjoy beverages if you want
- If there is not a hole in the ice, “avanto”, you can also swim in the open water from the cabin waterside

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