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Things to do in Finland in winter

things to do in winter finland
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Kicksledding is easy way to enjoy outdoors, just like ice-skating or lantern walk. These activities are something what kids really love and can do together with you.

Kicksled is like a chair mounted on a pair of flexible metal runners which extend backward to about twice the chair's length. It´s suitable for 2 persons, one sit on a chair and other kicks forward with it.

Kicksledding is easy to learn and it does not require any special outfit or shoes. If you want to have a light exercise, kicksledding is also perfect to do it. It develops different muscles of the body, especially the torso and leg muscles. you can easily adjust tempo of kicking to your needs and you can even walk with the sled for a while when a short break is needed.

kicksledding finland

Facts of kicksledding:

- Suitable for kids and adults, 2 persons can use a kicksled together
- No need for special outfit or shoes
- Easy to learn
- Ice-skating trail is suitable but with snow metal runners is easy to kicksled in the smaller paths too
- For Rock and Lake customers the price of kicksled is 30€/ 2 days and 50€/ week. Book online.

outdoor winter activities for children

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