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Guided ice fishing trip

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During this guided ice fishing trip you will get to know the traditional fishing in Finnish wintertime. Our guide will teach you the basics and give special hints, for catching perch, zander (pikeperch) and pike. At the end of the fishing trip the guide explains as well on how to prepare the fish in traditional Finnish way.

Ice fishing is done by fishing through a hole in the ice that covers the surface of the lake. The hole will be drilled with a special ice drilling tool. The ice fishing rod is short and light. In the end of the line there is a small lure, a jig, a balansir or shiner minnow with bait such as fly worms. The angler sits by the hole on the ice, and lifts the rod every now and then, producing the jig effect that attracts the fish. Common catch is perch, zander, pike and roach.

After the ice fishing trip we’ll weigh the catch, and in a playful competition the winner will get a surprise.

Please note!
Please gear up and wear clothes that are suitable for the day’s weather, meaning warm clothing and warm boots. It’s also recommendable to bring suitable snacks and drinks. For each participant an ice fishing backpack is included in the price, which you can take home afterwards. The ice drill is on loan.

  • Weather condition: The trip will take place if it’s less cold than – 15 degrees Celcius and the ice is thick enough.
  • Place: Start from the shore outside your cottage. Fishing on the ice near cottage.
  • Fishing method: Ice fishing
  • Duration: Three (3) hours, between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m.
  • Group size: 1 – 5 persons
  • Suitability: All family
  • Accessibility: The tour is not wheelchair accessible.
  • Availability: 26.12.2019 – 2.4.2020
  • Price: 390 € / group

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2h 30min 11:00 - 13:30
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