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Things to do in Finland in winter

things to do in winter finland
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Cross-country skiing in Finland

Imagine the silence of nature in beautiful white scenery and snow all around you. Feel the connection with nature and breath fresh air. This is something you can explore by cross-country skiing in Finland. It is easy and suitable winter activity for everyone, just like ice-skating, kicksledding or even ice-fishing, and good for body and mind. No need to travel up to the north in Finland, Rock and Lake offers extremely good possibility to ski in the forest and lake ski trails in Finnish Lakeland.

Cross-country skiing is Finnish national sport. In winter time it´s possible to ski everywhere in the country and Finnish schools also has it as one of the sport activities for kids. Usually people ski in the ski trails which are created by ski track. Some prefer skiing in untracked areas in the forest or on the lake. This naturally requires special equipment, wooden skis and orienteering skills. How to do cross-country skiing first time? What you need are skis, poles, boots and bindings. Skiing boots and bindings goes hand in hand and need to be compatible with each other. Skiing itself is easy: first after strapped your skis on, walk with them. After you feel you can handle skis, move on by gliding. Best thing is that you can ski just as fast or slow you want. Your own style is allowed, just enjoy skiing! Cross-country skiing in Finland is a must during the winter holiday in Finland.

cross-country skiing resort finland

Ski trail facts

- Length of the trail: 2,6 kilometres. From each cottage there is transition trail approx. 200-600 meters to the main ski trail. Transition trail passes by the skating rink. Main ski trail runs in varying terrain mainly in the continent.
- Along the way you will find all Finnish forest types and some of the ski trails are also located near the Natura-Nature Reserve of Pukkiselkä.
- Please note! We rent backcountry skis (OAC skis) which are suitable for skiing on the snow and forests. Please check availability when booking the cottage. You can rent backcountry skis for one day at a time on Our web shop.
- If you want to rent skis for a longer period, a week, or for other Lake Soukkio cabins, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or +358 50 5660905

cross-country skiing finland

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