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Winter in Finland

things to do in winter finland

Pets allowed
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Fat biking

Fat biking lets you experience a totally different way of biking. It is a nice and easy way to move on the snow in winter. Recreational athletes have discovered the fat bike as a fun toy and all-round bike that offers incomparable riding characteristics. It is an entirely new way of biking!

It is possible to ride the fat bike on forest trails and the cottage paths. Parts of the cross-country skiing trails are also suitable. Even though the fat bikes are suitable for adults and juniors, the size of the bikes might be too big for small kids.

Did you know that fat biking is also a very effective way of exercising? You can choose the resistance with the gears and have an easy biking or an effective workout session.

fatbike rentals finland rockandlake

In need for more speed? Then try dog sledding, which is an unforgettable experience and suitable for smaller kids, too.

Facts of fat biking:

- Fat bike is an off-road bicycle with oversized tires
- Fat biking is easy to learn
- Possible to bike in variable terrain and on snow
- Suitable for adults and juniors, in summer and winter
- We recommend a helmet when biking
- Rent a Fatbike
- If you want to customize the Fatbike Safari or have the bike for a longer period or for the whole stay of your holidays, please contact our sales This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

fatbike finland rockandlake

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