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  • Accessible guided fishing trip

    Enjoy with us a 4h accessible and guided fishing trip at Lake Kyyvesi and we guarantee a memorable catch. Our relaxed but professional guide will teach you to go deeper in fishing at fishy Lake Kyyvesi. The boat is accessible for two wheelchairs and very stable thanks to its even base. Besides that our guides will support you as much as you need.On the trip...
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  • Big pike guided fishing trip

    Enjoy with us a six hours guided fishing trip according to your choice either at Lake Kyyvesi, Lake Puula or Lake Härkäjärvi. All three lakes are very rich in fish. Our relaxed, but professional, guide will teach you how and where to catch a big pike. On the trip we are focused on catching big pikes, which are considered to be the ones over 5 kg. The...
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  • Rent a snowmobile

    Rent a snowmobile for touring in the surroundings of and on the ice of Lake Soukkio. A snow mobile is also an excellent vehicle when moving during your ice fishing trip. This rental offer is an opportunity to you who are staying at some of the rental cottages or villas by Lake Soukkio. Lake Soukkio is rich in pike and perch, and is thus a great lake for...
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  • Canoe rentals on Lake Kyyvesi

    Come and enjoy the lakeside nature at Lake Kyyvesi and in your own pace. With a canoe you can move to places you can’t reach with any other boat. It is quiet and smooth to move by canoe and allows you to merge into nature and discover even shy birds.After beeing accommodated in our Rock and Lake’s cottage or villa we will provide you with a map of the...
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  • Lake salmon fishing, Lake Puula

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  • Rent a Fishing Kayak

    Fishing kayak is an excellent choice for independent fishing. With a fishing kayak you can also fish in places that you do not otherwise have access to. Especially in spring time and autumn, when the big pikes are in the shallow and rocky bays, the fishing kayak is excellent for reaching the best waters. Also for fly fishing for pike a fishing kayak is a...
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  • Rental boat Silver Colibri

    Rental boat Silver Colibri is for the independent fishermen who want to move from one fishing place to another quite quickly. Silver Colibri is an aluminum boat and is equipped with a 20 horsepower motor. Normal rental period is one week, but by request the period can be changed. This boat is a great complement to holidays by Lake Soukkio since the boat is...
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  • Guarantee catch trip to Kyyvesi

    Enjoy with Rock&Lake an 8h guided trip to lake Kyyvesi where we guarantee you a memorable catch. With the support of our relaxed and professional guide you are able to get a broader knowledge of trolling and spin fishing at the fishy Kyyvesi. Trolling with planerboards is focused on searching fish at wider areas and different depth layers of the water. With...
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  • Guided ice fishing trip

    During this guided ice fishing trip you will get to know the traditional fishing in Finnish wintertime. Our guide will teach you the basics and give special hints, for catching perch, zander (pikeperch) and pike. At the end of the fishing trip the guide explains as well on how to prepare the fish in traditional Finnish way.Ice fishing is done by fishing...
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  • Rental boat for 1 day at Lake Kyyvesi

    If you want to go fishing or nature photographing on Lake Kyyvesi by yourself, we offer you the possibility to rent the steady and easy-to-use Flatrock boat. As soon as you take off from the jetty of the small Kuvaslahti harbor, owned by Rock and Lake, great fishing possibilities begin. Either way you start with casting pikes and zander or, if you prefer...
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  • Midnight Sun fishing at Lake Kyyvesi

    Come and experience midsummer magic by fishing zander with us!The best time to catch zander is in the evening and night. While fishing you are sometimes able to see dorsal fins of zander at the surface of the lake when they are chasing for the bleaks. Of course it is possible to catch zander during day time too but our experience showed us that when the day...
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