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Husky safaris in Finnish Lakeland

A comfortably speedy husky safaris is a great way to enjoy outdoors in the Finnish winter wonderland. It is fun for all family, and the huskies love to pull the sled. The huskies also enjoy cuddling. The huskies of Kennel Sysilouhen love also children, so after the sled ride all family can thank the huskies with hugs and cuddling.

The husky safaris are organized on request. Inquiries to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone to +358 50 566 0905 (English, Finnish, Swedish) or +358 40 1437894 (Russian, English, Finnish, Spanish) The safaris are mainly organized in the surroundings of Lake Soukkio, but can also on request be organized elsewhere and the price will be counted separately.

When you attend a husky safari in the multiform surroundings of Lake Soukkio the group (2 – 10 persons, incl. children) price is 390 euros and includes totally 2 hours of husky safari. Depending on the group size the ride can be at least a 2 km or a 4 km ride for everyone. Example: When the group consists of 4 adults and 4 smaller kids then everyone will attend at least at a 4 km sled ride. On top of this a couple of shorter sled rides can be done. The waiting time can be spent inside by a fire place and there is a toilet available.

The amount of kilometers of ride per 2 hours vary always depending on the variation of amount of adults and children and also on the weight of the husky ride enjoyers. Children have to ride in company with an adult. The Rock and Lake husky safaris are always done respecting the wellbeing of the dogs. This way we can ensure fun and speedy rides, and a nice atmosphere.

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