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Rock and Lake

Fishing in Finland

fishing in finland

How to get started?

1. Choose time you would like to come and go fishing and book your cottage! You can also start by choosing Cottage Lake.
In Finnish Lakeland you can fish all year round. May, June, September and October are of the best open water fishing months for spinning and fly-fishing for pike. Best time for trolling for pike starts in late June and continues till the end of October. June and July are the best months for the amazing and active Midnight Sun trolling for zander (pike perch).

The Rock and Lake –area in the hearth of Finnish Lakeland is a labyrinth of clean lakes and streams. Most of the lakes have a lot of quite shallow and long bays, deep lake basins in the middle parts and the water has a slight tone of brown. The soil makes this color, but the water is proven to be clean. Northern pike, pike perch (zander) and perch like this type of lakes and the populations are very strong and the fish grow big. Such lakes are Kyyvesi, Soukkio and Härkäjärvi. These lakes are exceptionally good for spinning and fly-fishing for pike. From Lake Soukkio it is just a 400 meters to Lake Kyyvesi. So if you rent a fishing kayak, when staying by Lake Soukkio, it is very easy to also take advantage of the fishing possibilities of Lake Kyyvesi.

Areas with swiftly flowing water, and therefore suitable for fly-fishing, are also located near Rock and Lake cottages. These are the upper waters of the Kymijoki water basin including the Nykälänkoski, Rauhavirta and Läsäkoski rapids. It is allowed to keep the fish caught at the Nykälänkoski and Rauhavirta areas for personal use. In Läsäkoski you are required to release any fish you catch as a natural fish reproduction promotion project is progressing there and the area has been chosen as a Villi Taimen Pro (‘wild trout pro’) destination. Rock and Lake promotes sustainable fishing, which means only catching as much as you can eat and releasing any specimens of the unique natural brown trout that you might catch (you will recognise the fish from its unclipped adipose fin).

2. Choose are you experienced enough to go it alone or do you like everything easily and want catch guarantee guided fishing tour? The fishing guides of Rock and Lake are very talented and know the waters with the strong fish population by heart, and thus we can assure you to take home a big catch.

3. If you do not choose guided tour, choose if you want to bring own boat or rent boat from us. See our rental boats here. We recommend a guide service for your boat. The guide introduces you to the technology of the Rock and Lake charter boat and the water area, as well advises the fishing places in the area and guides you in choosing the right type of fishing gear.

For Kyyvesi Lake, the boat landing is the Kuvaslahti Harbour and Camping -area.
Ask us about boat landing places for rental cottages.

Some instructions for boating:
In Finland, a boat driver's license, boating license or other proof of boating skills in normal recreational boating is not required.
The age limit for driving a boat in Finland is 15 years and the driver is required to have sufficient driving skills

As two motorboats approach each other from opposite directions, both must dodge to the right. In general, it is good to move along the right edge of the fairway. In this case, the oncoming ships will be encountered smoothly and safely.

In the beach area and narrow crossings, the boat should be transported at a low speed. Boating and fishing are not recommended near the colonization and the beach (100 meters minimum).

4. Buy fishing license
If you are 18-64 years old and go fishing with one single rod (spinning / casting, trolling, jigging) only one fishing license is required, the National Fishing Management fee. If you are fishing with traditional line and hook or with traditional ice-fishing rod in wintertime, you don’t need a license at all! These two fishing methods are part of the unique Finnish Everyman’s right and are free of charge. For more information and online booking of the license please see: Eräluvat web store. Example prices 2023: one rod for one week: 16 euros per person and for the whole year: 47 euros. When fishing on lakes (not nature reserve areas) you don’t need any other license or official permission in addition to the fishing license mentioned above.

5. Enjoy fishing and big catches!

Fishing in Finland

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