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Fishing in Finland

fishing in finland

Fishing in Finland - different types of fishing

Open water fishing

In our action one of the most important issues is the wellness of the fish population. We support sustainable fishing by releasing all the big individuals of every species of fish and take as nutrition only the amount of fish that we really use. What comes to salmon we release every salmon with adipose fin despite the size of the fish.
Our handnets are made of rubber which prevent the fish to hurt itself. We ensure peace to spawn for every fish and for example we don’t go jigbait casting near the shore at spring when male zanders are guarding their offspring sometimes even aggressively.

Join us for a great trolling trip! You can choose from two different types of trolling.

Precision trolling:
Precision trolling is a highly active way of trolling. It takes place in the vicinity of the shore and islets, and employs precision trolling rods. Thanks to the short lengths of line used, the bites are truly memorable! The target species are pike and perch.

Trolling with sideliners:
Sideliner boards are used in this type of trolling. The sideliners allow for the simultaneous use of several (10-12) rods. The fish are searched from a wider area and in several different layers of water. The target species are pike, zander and perch.

Trolling for zander in the evening/during the night (midsummer)
In the midsummer, trolling takes place in the evenings and during the night when the zander rise up to the surface to feed on small fish. The trolling is done with the help of sideliners. The target species is zander.

Casting for pike
Casting for pike is good fun and you will most likely catch some fish! In the shallow water, the bites are explosive and truly memorable. Casting is a highly diverse form of fishing and it makes for an interesting and exciting fishing trip. You can choose to fish with a jerkbait, spoon, fly, spinnerbait or jig. The target species are pike and perch.

Jigging has grown massively popular, as it provides an excellent chance of catching fish. During our jigging trip, we set out to find the Big One from the depths of Lake Kyyvesi. With jigging, light-weight equipment and thin lines are used, making the bites feel particularly electric! You can choose to fish by casting your jig or by vertical jigging. The target species are zander, perch and pike.

Winter fishing

Winter fishing
We have two types of winter fishing on offer: ice fishing and baitfishing for pike.

During the winter, baitfishing takes place on ice and is a fun and highly addictive form of fishing. No reel or rod is used, but you get to experience the kick of the fish first-hand directly from the line! Live bait is used. The target species is pike.

Ice fishing
Ice fishing on Lake Soukkio is a one-of-kind experience. Here, large perch and rainbow trout are simply waiting to be caught. The target species include pike, perch and roach.

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