Аренда рыболовных каяков


Fishing kayak is an excellent choice for independent fishing. With a fishing kayak you can also fish in places that you do not otherwise have access to. Especially in spring time and autumn, when the big pikes are in the shallow and rocky bays, the fishing kayak is excellent for reaching the best waters. Also for fly fishing for pike a fishing kayak is a great vessel.

These sit-on-top fishing kayaks are equipped with rod holders, anchor and one life jacket per kayak. The height of the seat is adjustable. For your own stuff there is also good storage space in the kayak. Kayak fishing is much easier, and safer, than it looks. This is because the manufacturer has constructed the kayak especially for fishermen.

The personal fishing licenses are not part of the price. Please see the instructions from for purchasing of these. Example price (2019) one day is 6 euros.

  • Starting place: The shore of your rental cottage by Lake Soukkio. The additional cost for transport to cottages by other lakes nearby is 100 €.
  • Length: 1 day
  • Group size: 1 persons
  • Suitability: All family
  • Accessibility: No. Wheelchair is not possible to get into the kayak
  • Availability: 7.5. – 30.10.2018
  • Price: 45 € one day.

If you prefer, the starting point can be another than shores of Lake Soukkio. For an additional transportation cost of starting from 100 € we can rent the kayaks to other lakes. Please contact Rock and Lake sales service by email

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