Уличная купель с подогревом на два дня


Wood- heated hot tub for two evenings. When you order it in the evening when you arrive at the cottage, we fill it with water and put it warm.
Same water works 2 nights then water changed and washed. Heating time in winter about 3.5-4h to 37 degrees.

  • Availability location.: Hot tub available for these cottages: Villa Soukkio, Villa Lempi, Tiilikka and Kiviniemi.
  • Lenght: Two evenings.
  • Suitable for: All
  • Accessibility: No.
  • Availability: 1.1. – 31.12.
  • Price: 150 € / 2 days for ex Friday at 4pm till Sunday 12 o’clock

Hot tub operating days and the time can be changed separately by prior arrangement and subject to availability. Request of a customized offer or longer bookings to Rock and Lake sales. Please call +358 50 5660905 or send an emailto

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