Viaje del sabor finlandés 2


The drying barn (in Finnish it is called Riihi) is an old building where the grain was dried with the help of warm air from a wood burning stove. In the old days the grain was harvested in bundles, hung up to dry in a drying barn, and treshed only once it was properly dry. Drying barns were prevalent in most nordic countries, where the season is short and the risk of a wet summer or early autumn destroying the crops was high.

Our authentic Riihi hut offers with scent of smoke sauna relaxed old-fashioned atmosphere, where you can enjoy a delicious meal by the open fire.

You can choose your favorite menu from our options. The time can be found in the calendar, but it can be changed if necessary. Special diets must be announced in advance. Minimum order according to 10 people.

For more info please call Rock and Lake customer service and sales: +358 50 566 0905 or e-mail: sales(at)

2h 12:00 - 14:00
Total EUR

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