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Rock and Lake Hiking Trail is open!

The Rock and Lake Trail introduces you to the nature and its inhabitants of the Luusniemi area. There are guide boards along the path where you can read more about the residents of the area and its beautiful nature. There is no risk of getting lost, as the path is marked with blue paint marks and signs on the terrain. The starting point of the path is a parking lot at Taipaleentie 140, 51460 Luusniemi.

trekking trail Luusniemi

The path is about 2 kilometers long and runs along forest trails and roads. There is only gentle relief along the route, so the path is classified as easy, but not accessible. On the smaller forest trails, you should watch out for rocks and potholes. In addition, the duckboards may be slippery in wet or frosty weather. Depending on the water level, there may also be wet places along the path. Moving on the trail is at your own risk, there is no winter maintenance on the route.

trekking trail Luusniemi

The recommended direction of travel of the path is clockwise, but the trail can be traveled in both directions. A route guide map can be found at the starting point. When walking to the recommended direction, the route initially rises to Pökkelökangas through a beautiful bright and moss-covered pine forest. Here the route mainly follows an old forest machine career. From the Pökkelökangas, the descent towards the shores of Lake Soukkio begins along the forest road. At the shore, there is a section of duckboards, after which the route will follow the shoreline through the dim spruce tree forest and bright birch groves. Finally, the path rises to the Hut (Riihikota) fireplace site and back to the starting area. The fireplace, and the associated dry toilet, are available for free use by visitors. The hut is open by appointment.

trekking trail Luusniemi

In addition to guide boards, three geocaches are hidden along the path. Geocaching is a scavenger hunt game based on GPS positioning that is known to have taken with those who have once mistaken to try it. More information on geocaching can be found at Trekking in Finland - page.

trekking trail Luusniemi

The trail is maintained and managed by Rock and Lake. If you notice any deficiencies, fallen trees or broken structures along the path, please inform our sales service by calling +358 50 566 0905.

trekking trail Luusniemi

Please respect nature and other hikers and follow the instructions of the fireplace. Keep the places tidy and enjoy the pure nature.

The cottages on Lake Soukkio are located near the nature trail, and these cottages are within walking distance of the nature trail. You will find all of our cottages here.


See the areas map here.

trekking trail Luusniemi

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